Live at Bundesplatz, Bern – 17.Oct.2009

We’ll be playing on the Bundesplatz in Bern infront of the Swiss Parliament building as part of a large benefit gig. It starts around 3pm with some cool Swiss acts – Water Lily, guys from Stiller Has, Wurzel 5 and The Telaphones. We’ll be presenting the Alex Harvey delegation at 6pm sharp, just before tea. Come along and you might save the planet.

Flyer is here.

One thought on “Live at Bundesplatz, Bern – 17.Oct.2009

  1. langes warten,
    tolles fest
    leider kalt, regen, hagel
    und als NSAHB spielten fehlte es massiv an Publikum.
    die beste Probe an einem der besten Plätze der Schweiz
    was will Musiker mehr ?

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