Not Zal


In 2003 Hanspeter put up an internet advert up looking for musicians to form a band that played music from The Sensational Alex Harvey Band. It took him three years to find the right people. None of Not The Sensational Alex Harvey Band have ever seen Alex Harvey live, but Hanspeter came closest in 1982. He bought a ticket for a gig Alex would have played with The New Band in Zürich. Unfortunately Alex died in Zeebrugge a few days before. Hanspeter still has the ticket. Hanspeter got into SAHB through Zal Cleminson’s mercurial guitar playing. Zal is a major influence on Hanspeter’s playing. He probably never imagined one day he’d wind up playing Zal’s guitar. In 2012 just that happenned when Zal kindly lent him his black Gibson SG for the band’s Scottish Tour. Anyway, here he is infront of the 02ABC for the Glasgow show of The Nots’ 2014 British Tourette just before putting his face on and morphing into “Not Zal”.


2 thoughts on “Not Zal

  1. Was at your gig in sneaky peats as always it was a blast my partner and I spoke to not Alex Harvey at end of gig and couldnt meet a nicer bloke we will definitely be at nxt years gig many thanks Mandy.

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