“Not The Sensational Alex Harvey Band” were never a tribute band. They were a rock ‘n roll band who only played music from “The Sensational Alex Harvey Band”. Any similarities were pure cooincidence.

“These guys are my heroes.” – Chris Glen
“They are amazing.” – Zal Cleminson

The Sensational Alex Harvey Band from Glasgow, Scotland recorded seven incredible records in six years between 1972 and 1978. Their high octane mix of rock, blues, glam and chanson rocketed them into the British charts. The shows are now legendary and won them many fans including some of the most influential rock and pop musicians of our time. In 1975 SAHB won the accolade of Best British Group up against contemporaries like Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Queen and Pink Floyd. The songs they recorded are classics considered essential in any proper record collection. Classics like ‘The Faith Healer’, ‘Next’, ‘Midnight Moses’, ‘Tomahawk Kid’, ‘Vambo’, ‘Framed’ and ‘Delilah’.

In 2004 Swiss guitarist Hanspeter Staub dreamed an apparently impossible dream. To put together a band that only played SAHB numbers. This would make perfect sense if he were in Scotland, but he lived at the foot of the Swiss Alps, a region more famed for cheese and yodelling than high camp glam rock. A twist of fate and a small internet advert brought him the attention of Gordon Bell, a Glaswegian singer and songwriter living in Zürich and a SAHB fan since his early teens. It took them over two years (and several drummers) before they landed a steady line up with drummer Peter Baldinger and Andreas Fischlin on bass and e-cello. Not The Sensational Alex Harvey Band was born.

Aided by the two dancers Ina and Eva, NSAHB started playing shows around Switzerland. It soon became apparent that this was something worth taking on tour to the UK. They set about booking dates. Their first tour was of Scotland and Wales in 2010 and they went on to make eight tours of Scotland, Wales and England. On those trips they played for members of the original band and many of the band’s family, close friends and fanbase: an honour and a great adventure beyond expectation. Hanspeter’s dream came true and exceeded anything he could have imagined.

Sadly Hanspeter died in 2018. The band is no more. We are sad of course, but grateful for the many many fine adventures that would never have happenned without Hanspeter. To all who supported and encouraged us many thanks.

The band recreated the rock ‘n roll grandios lofi theatre antics of SAHB. NSAHB built a fierce rock energy that revived the spirit of their heroes while never intentionally copying them. They were, after all, Not The Sensational Alex Harvey Band.

Not The Sensational Alex Harvey Band were:-

Andreas Fischlin – Not Chris
Hanspeter Staub – Not Zal
Peter Baldinger – Not Ted
Gordon Bell – Not Alex
Eva Von Trockenpilz and Ina The Fish – Not The Dancers

Hugh McKenna is in us all. Omnipotent, all seeing and everywhere.