Global Warming

Well, we were there on the Bundesplatz and frankly it was damn cold. Thanks to the folks that endured the rain, hail and snow to the make it all the way to the end of the set, you are made of stronger stuff. Here’s a few cinematographical impressions. There are some more on our youtube channel.

The sound is pretty dodgy on these as I left my recorder too close to Not Chris’ Bass Weaponry but you get the idea…

St Anthony

Midnight Moses

Live at Bundesplatz, Bern – 17.Oct.2009

We’ll be playing on the Bundesplatz in Bern infront of the Swiss Parliament building as part of a large benefit gig. It starts around 3pm with some cool Swiss acts – Water Lily, guys from Stiller Has, Wurzel 5 and The Telaphones. We’ll be presenting the Alex Harvey delegation at 6pm sharp, just before tea. Come along and you might save the planet.

Flyer is here.