Happy New Year!

Hey folks, great seeing you in 2015. Lets see what 2016 brings – sure hope to catch you all soon. Hope it’s good for you!

Meanwhile here’s a wee clip from our Glasgow show.  (Thanks Mrs Showmama).


3 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Great to see this website and the fact that you appreciate sahb so much to form a tribute act, hope to catch a gig one day soon. I first saw them at the ‘Village’ back around 74 which was a small hall in Dagenham Essex of all places now closed,I later saw them at Reading festival back in 1977 and they were brilliant, still into the music, here’s a weird story I read, after Alex left the band in the late seventies he was living in Highgate North London and called a cab to take him to a gig at the Bridge house in Canning Town, well the cab arrives with Zal driving ! So they catch up on things and Alex suggests that Zal join them in the gig (not sure who the act was ) but Zal passed. It’s a strange world….Vambo still rools !!!!!! Andy Cairns (approaching sixty )

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